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EHT Brain Health


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EHT® was discovered and patented by Princeton University professor Dr. Jeffry Stock after more than 20 years of research. It was developed in part, through the funding received by the Michael J. Fox Foundation, Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation and the National Institutes of Health. EHT age-defying Supplement comes from a patented decaffeinated coffee extract, a natural mixture of bioactive molecules.  It ensures Tau activity in the neuron is optimized, protects and stimulates Tau protein in the brain, resulting in healthy communication between neurons and better brain health.

The positive health effects of EHT have been published in several peer-reviewed neuroscience journals, including Neurobiology of Aging, Journal of Neuroscience and Neurotherapeutics.   


The health of the entire body is contingent upon the health of the brain, and EHT® helps maintain optimal brain health*. EHT® works to: 

  • Strengthen the neural connections
  • Maintain optimal brain health
  • Protect against mental decline, brain injuries 
  • Help with focus, as well as learning and retaining information
  • Sustain and increase energy

EHT is decaffeinated.

Princeton University through Signum Biosciences has awarded Nerium International is the sole distributor of EHT.

Our brain is responsible for not only memory and focus, but the communication of instructions to every part of our body.  PP2A is a master protein in the brain which controls Tau. 

When PP2A is activated and is working efficiently, it regulates Tau and maintains the structure of the neurons so they can transport information and instructions freely. Without strong neuronal structure, connections between neurons break down causing memory loss and learning impairment. 

In the video PP2A Part 1The Master Regulator, Dr. Jeffry Stock of Princeton University, the scientist who discovered EHT, discusses the role PPT2A has in our bodies’ overall health and function and how EHT promotes brain health.

In the video PP2A Part 2, he discusses the importance of strong neural connections to the rest of the body and how the breakdown of communication from the brain to your organs impacts the health of your body.

You don’t need to experience a concussion to suffer from CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy). Quick starts and stops, often experienced in contact sports such as soccer and football, cause the brain to slosh back and forth inside the head, slamming the brain against bone. This acceleration and deceleration, especially when repeated over a long period of time, can damage the brain often causing Alzheimer-like symptoms such as loss of memory and inability to focus or concentrate. For children, this kind of activity is especially concerning as the young brains are still growing. 

Listen to ex-NFL football star discuss his battle with CTE and the effect it has had on his life.

Head trauma, stress and aging cause Tau to fall off microtubules, leading to weakened neuronal connections and subsequent loss of memory, focus, and performance. EHT not only helps protect the brain against injury, it boosts the body's immune system and workout and post-workout recovery. EHT optimizes the function of Tau, ensuring healthier neurons, sustained focus, and concentration on and off the field. EHT also keeps microtubules strong and the connections between neurons robust, enhancing protection and performance.


For more information on why EHT is essential for athletes, download this summary page:  Athletic Brochure