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Destined for success. Two aspiring engineers - Karen with a dream of becoming a pilot, Tom, headed for the cutting edge of technology. A loving marriage, two beautiful sons, multiple moves across the US and Asia, an international education business and ultimately one of the top positions in a Fortune 75 company, by most people’s definition, we were wildly successful. 

And we were…but the weight of corporate obligations left us wondering if we couldn’t put our talents to work for us. Why not be our own boss, set our own schedules and priorities and create ongoing retirement income? That’s when Nerium showed up… 

As science nerds, we were blown away by the effectiveness of Nerium’s products and the research behind them. Nerium's reputation for quality leadership, integrity and commitment to real science and results impressed us. But unique in the business world is Nerium's culture. Why is Nerium's culture so unique? Check out Nerium's Core Values.

Success with Nerium is achieved by helping others succeed - true servant leadership. This combination of science and culture attracts partnerships with some of the most prestigious bioscience research institutes in the world and has produced record-breaking performance. 

Timing is everything in business. This really is the ‘Microsoft Moment’ or the ‘Next Apple’ for this generation. Now, as Nerium takes on the world, we are leading the charge. With our international business expertise and involvement with Nerium from its early years, we provide the support and leadership you need to be successful - regardless of the country you live in or the goals you set.  Join us for the adventure of a lifetime!


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  • Faith - Eternal values and principles are the foundation for life. Your priorities, how you care for the relate to others and the responsibility that come with success are defined by your character. Faith in Jesus Christ defines us, gives us that solid foundation and defines how we lead and grow our business. 

  • Family - A loving, trusting marriage and a family relationship based on love and respect for others create a rich, blessed life. When the family is strong, you have the courage to achieve the impossible and pursue a life beyond yourself - a life of meaning and purpose. 
  • Fortune - We strive to make the most of the time, talent, and opportunities God has provided to care for our families and those in need.

  • Future - We believe in paying forward, and investing in others to help them achieve their greatest potential.


  • As a Customer - Experience a healthier, more youthful YOU. Try the products HERE

  • As a Nerium Brand Partner - Join the team HERE and start your own adventure

  • As a contributor to Big Brothers/Big Sisters (BBBS) or become one to a child at risk visit their website HERE